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Situation Critical: Frieze 2017

Awol Erizku Nigist

"The color, first of all. It kind of reminds me of, from art history, what's that painter, Ingres? It looks like a classical painting, mimicking the pose. Probably trying to shed some light on the lack of representation of the black body in art, or the black nude."

— Ernest

Jeppe Hein Please Participate

"Well, I love neon. And I think it's interesting, there's a lot of different pieces throughout the fair that are more about language, rather than visuals. It's about doing things and not doing things, and how we should be active as human beings. I like it a lot." 
— Tania

Andres Serrano Donald Trump, Snoop Dogg from the series America

"I am still fascinated how he became president. He shouldn't be. He represents, right now, division of this country. That has fascinated me, because I am immigrant myself, from Russia. That was actually one of the main reasons I didn't want to vote for him, because of his support for Putin, who I actually hate. I don't really know Snoop Dogg. I'm not really into hip hop, I don't really understand this type of culture. I'm a more classically trained person." 
— Lev

Deana Lawson Living Room, Brownsville, Brooklyn

"The first thing that came to mind was on the idea of...drug people. Homeless people. People who had just moved in, squatters. People that look a little disillusioned, they don't look happy. That's my first impression. I've never lived like that, I don't think I can recall living out of boxes. It's a different outlook from what I've been brought up with. But the artistic side of it I understand, I can see that they're trying to put something together as entertainment. But I can't see how I could have that in my house." 
— John

Karl Holmqvist Untitled, Untitled

"I like it, but I don't know why. It seems very tongue in cheek, and it makes me smile. But I feel like that makes me the butt of the joke somehow, when I have that response."

— Sally


"I first read it as "Surrender to your sexual oppression." Which would have a completely different connotation. That's kind of what triggered my reaction. But then I realized it's "obsession." I guess I like the second one better, it's more positive."
— Adele

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