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Skate Kitchen

After immersing herself in the girls' everyday lives for a year, Moselle developed the foundation to convey an authentic, genuine story. She shines light on the women’s perspective in male-dominated spaces, highlighting the significance of confidence, camaraderie, and self-discovery along the way.


Moselle and the cast explained the importance of the film beyond just empowering women in skateboarding. Read below to read what everyone finds most impactful about Skate Kitchen.

Crystal "They weren’t just staying in their place, like a lot of my friends would do. They thought, ‘we want to skateboard and we’re going to do it.’ Me, I would try, but it was just too intimidating, and in my head I knew it as a guy’s thing. They are taking it to the next level, and I’m inspired by young, passionate people. This film is a story about a group of girls, but they’re also a crew in real life and have inspired so many girls around the world. I want people to see both sides of it."


Dede "What’s most impactful for me is the feedback we’ve received. From girls, guys, anyone who’s seen it and has been inspired and encouraged by it."

Jani "Film is a very male-dominated industry, but this is a film made near entirely by women. The director, producer, most of the cast are all women. So we’re very excited to show the world what we’ve been doing."


Nina "This movie is going to show - girls especially - that they can do whatever they want. Skating especially, but in other ways too. You’re not limited by your gender."

Moonbear "I think it’s great for everyone; not just girls. Virtually everything is seen from a male perspective, and this is completely a woman’s. Everyone can see it and resonate with it, learn from it, or both."


Bren "I believe it shows the diversity within our group, but the skate community in general. It shows you that there isn't a certain image for skateboarding. No requirement for what you have to look like to skateboard and be a part of a community."

Alex "I’m excited for this film because there’s a lot of female energy in it, and the world needs to see and feel more female energy. All of these girls are so special, so unique...this film is fuel for inspiration."


Jules "This film shows the camaraderie our group has. When Rachelle’s character comes into the group, many movies would depict girls out to get one another, not being very welcoming...many women are taught to go against one another, so this shows that women need to stick together to grow together."

Rachelle "One thing I love about this film is that it shows us being outside socializing. Everyone says technology is taking over, but you see us actively socializing while using social media. We see the good parts of it; how it can be used as a tool." 

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