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Somewhere Between A Voltorb and Caravaggio's Medusa

Check out the editorial and below and scroll through Solis’ most relatable Instagram filter moments with commentary from the designer himself.

Like we said before, Solis is a bit unorthodox in his approach, unraveling moments that may otherwise go widely unseen. In fact, when he starred in office Issue 03, Solis stated, "I feed off of the friction that contradictions evoke. Those moments of awkwardness, the fighting between traditions. That’s when things get interesting for me." 


So enjoy these short Instagram filter quizzes; some are spot-on, and others are far off. Without totally giving it all away, all we can say is that Solis scored somewhere between a Voltorb and Caravaggio's Medusa. Check out everything in between below.


Never Have I Ever


"Saying 'I Love You' is such a warm embrace, and I intend to use as often as I can and aways when I mean it."




"A Voltorb is completely opposite of who I am, but if I had to compare, I like his snappy and electrifying personality."


Devil Calculator


"100% accurate."


Which Simpson Are You?


"I found Bart Simpson to be so annoying. I'm mad I did not get Mr. Burns—he has the best silhouette in the show."


What Grade Will You Get?


"And cue 'Beauty School Dropout' from Grease."


Famous Painting


"I have always been enamored by Greek mythology as most us of are. Medusa's tale is for sure wickedly divine. I have always related more to the villain in stories than the heroes. This Caravaggio painting is brutally extraordinary. Could not agree more."

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