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Squish Squish

The wonder of them is layered in their ability to fool the eye at different levels simultaneously, which is literal as well as thematic: the Rorschach inkblot tests aren’t meant to fool the eye, per se, but still they are a kind of trickery, a layering of interpretations — the patient’s interpretation of the inkblot, the analyst’s interpretation of the patient’s answer, the inkblot’s myriad interpretations among patients and the legion of potential meanings behind them (and the meanings behind those meanings). The fact that the only real application of Rorschach tests these days is in children’s squish paintings (another inspiration for the artist) is an unusual, faraway comment on the fads within psychological health and the way interpretations of medicine and its play in madness are not exactly immune to the fickleness of fashion.


Oh, and by the way, you have to go through an adult-size bounce house resembling an enormous white padded cell before entering the exhibit proper (no stilettos allowed), the perfect preface and epilogue to a show about the intersection of the mental states of children and the clinically insane.


Sanity is probably overrated, anyway, n’est-ce pas?

'One Hour Photo'
'Panic Room'
'The Butterfly Effect'
'The Exorcist'
'White Noise'
'The Talented Mr. Ripley'
Studio view
Bounce House view
Bounce House view.

'Rorschach' is on view at 202 Plymouth Street in Brooklyn, New York, through April 21st, $10 at the door. All images courtesy Cj Hendry.

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