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Still in Motion

Check out the shots and accompanying poem below.

(Your ability to queue neatly, patiently does not somehow make you more repellent)

I lost three colors on my way here

Give me a second or two



to evoke the feeling of them

leaning comfortaby between

my eyeball and the side of my nose



Tonia in dress by Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard


Brian in shirt by VOFT, pants by Han Kjøbenhavn, earring Martina Enevold

Every quiet space

has a murmur

longing to grow up

and become

a scream



Left - Tonia in dress by Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard; Maji in top by Martina Enevold, pants by American Vintage + shoes by ATP Atelier 


Right - Tonia in robe by Marrakshi Life, bracelet by Martina Enevold; Brian in knit by VOFT, earing by Martina Enevold; Maji in headpiece by VOFT, knit top by VOFT, pants by Morten Ishøy, panties by American vintage + shoes by ATP Atelier

Every body stretch

entertains the idea of

reaching the actual moon



Left - Tonia is wearing knit dress by Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard


Right - Brian is wearing pants and shirt by Han Kjøbenhavn, earring by Martina Enevold

Standing too close

Facial features becoming

water color and we're

blending toe and earlobe

soul and smile

dream and kneecap and thumb

This is how

one becomes a smoothie

with someone



Left - Brian is wearing pants + shirt by Han Kjøbenhavn


Right - Tonia is wearing leather skirt by Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard, knit top by VOFT + shoes by ATP Atelier

(We might be at home now

but I'm pretty sure I left myself

somewhere else)

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