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Streetwalkin' Cheetah: Richard Gallo

Gallo’s work—and unmistakable presence—caught the eye of everyone in the Downtown NYC scene, including Warhol. But after a sudden stroke in 1982 that left him partially disabled, he stopped performing forever, and slowly started to fade from the spotlight (or as Warhol would put it, his fifteen minutes were up). But even now, as new artists continue to pop up online and IRL everyday, with viral or not-so-viral performances, his influence on the Downtown art scene and its members is still palpable.


That's why, more than four decades later, Scott Rollins and Noah Khoshbin have brought the late Gallo’s legend to life in their latest exhibition, Richard Gallo: Performance and Studio 1968-1980 at the Cressman Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Open through February 23, with plans to bring the exhibition to New York City in 2020, the show features over 60 archival photographs, on view to the public for the first time. With help from the Richard Gallo Archive, the Watermill Center and Robert Wilson Arts Foundation, Richard Gallo: Performance and Studio 1968-1980 is an ode to the madness of the 1970s, of New York, and of Gallo himself—and the ground-breaking works he created.


View some of the exhibition images below, and revisit our Richard Gallo feature here.

'Richard Gallo: Performance and Studio 1968-1980' is open now through February 23 at Cressman Center in Louisville, Kentucky.


Photos courtesy of Scott Rollins & Cressman Center.

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