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The Style of Soffiatti



How often do you wash your hair?


I don't wash my hair too often; perhaps two times a week. 


What would be your absolute favorite scent?


I wear 'Savage' by Dior. Funnily enough, a long time after I started using it, I discovered it was the same perfume my mother wore when she was young!


Is there a person or thing you saw that was the 'stimulant' for your interest in style and fashion?


When I was seventeen, I was working in a salon, and one day I was invited to a hair show. It was a big event, with many different top hairdressers. But one in particular impressed me the most. I wrote to him after the event and he granted me a place on his team. I commuted three hours a day to learn from him and ended up being his assistant.


Favorite Italian meal?


Handmade tortellini - a very typical dish from the area I come from. I could eat it everyday.


Do you use any beauty products yourself?


Not really, maybe one day, for now I'm still too lazy.


What do you think has been the biggest faux-pax, or most ridiculous thing to happen in beauty trends?


I've never been a fan of crimping irons. Back in the 90's, I wondered why anyone would use them, and I'm still wondering now... 


Who, throughout all history, has had your all-time favorite hairstyle?


I love the hair of Brigitte Bardot in the 60's, [and] I think you can see touches of this throughout my work.


Your favorite designer to wear?


...I wear a lot of the clothes of my grandfather— he had great style, and even though our body types couldn't be more different, somehow everything fits me perfectly. In fact, I'm wearing one of his shirts in this very portrait.


What is your favorite film?


As cliché as it may sound, I would find it hard to choose between 'La Dolce Vita' and '8 1/2'. They are both directed by Federico Fellini who for me is one of the best movie directors of all time.

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