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Summer Sun's Bright Statement


Other artists included in the show are Sarah Braman, Graham Collins, Peter Demos, Imi Knoebel, Olivier Mosset, Sam Moyer, Steven Parrino, Michael Staniak and Blair Thurman.


Summer Sun will be open through August 6th, 2017.


How was the transition from your home country of Brazil to NYC?


It was interesting. I was fairly young and it was an age of transition, but at the end everything worked out well. It wasn’t necessarily easy as a freshman in high school, where there’s a lot of challenges going on, socially. But its all good now.


Do you think NYC influences your work a lot?


I think any city that you live in will influence not just your work, but you as a person. How do you feel as a young artist navigating in nyc? is it difficult? your work is very unique, but its a very difficult thing for young artists to stand out etc. I feel good about it. I’m very fortunate and grateful for having the opportunities I’ve had. I feel excited for the things I wanna do in the future. I also have the feeling that I know that I’m still very young and theres a lot of risks and mistakes to make and take.


Is that were the 'face' names from this series ("Creepers") come from?


I call them face works because they don’t have a very distinct face. It’s about navigating between this line of figuration and abstraction. It can be completely abstract, but who's to say really?


So how does color inform your work?


The color is as important as the form or as any other aspect. But I’m not so concerned with the degree to how important each part of the work is. There’s a series of decisions that I make with each piece.


Whats the process? Where does color come in?


The color is definitely very important and is the thing as the "skin" of it. The skin is the outside, but its also the body.


It is an organ in itself. How did you determine which color? Is it based on feeling?


Since its the first decision you make, and because of that it can be very arbitrary. [For Summer Sun], I chose something that would fit the context of the show. I had a sense of what was being presented.


How did you get started with art in general?


My father is a musician. He plays the drums, and I was always interested in music. Up to high school, I was divided between arts and music.


What kind of music does your dad play?


He’s Brazilian. He has a great interesting in jazz. He’s been very fortunate to be involved in a lot of different projects ranging from Brazilian to jazz and everything in between.


Whoo you find that to be your main influence, as a visual artist?


I don’t know if I have a main source. I just let them all flow through me.


The challenge, I assume, is to flow but also stand out?


Yeah, to have the balance between individuality and influence.


Do you listen to music at work? Favorite song right now?


It’s this song by The Beatles, but the sound is by a Brazilian guy. I didn't know it was The Beatles. Im trying to remember how it goes…”Nothing's gonna change my world...”


Across the Universe?


Yes! But its a version by this Brazilian guy, a guitar player. Also Bill Withers, I’ve been listening to that recently. It’s so beautiful and so simple. Very stripped down. It crosses generations and beyond. Good music is similar to art, you can let it flow through you and make something unique.


Are you also influenced by Pop culture?


Yeah for sure. I've been drawing since I was young and a lot of it comes from watching cartoons.


What were your favorite cartoon shows?


The Power Puff Girls. It’s great, beautiful and super bold. When I was little I was very specific on what cartoons I wanted to watch, especially the way they looked or were designed. That was most of the content for me, the visual sense of design. Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Cow and Chicken, Dexter...


I can see that. Creativity is about form and humor.


Yeah. That is all about being a little kid. We try to make it simpler for the kids to understand, but they do understand... And even more abstractly.


Finally, how long have you been dying your beard?


I only did it once, my friend Isabelle did it. It burned but they recommended to put a paper towel over my mouth so I could breath while doing it, since the bleach is strong.


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