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Sylvia Says A Lot: Gainsbourg Remixed


You've heard of the one man band, but have you heard of the one song album? Beloved musician Charlotte Gainsbourg has just released a new EP, a collection of remixes of her song, "Sylvia Says." With remixes by Canadian DJ, Fool’s Gold founder, Grammy-nominated producer A-Trak, and DJ and producer Tensnake, it seems the EP will have a lot to say. And so does Gainsbourg, who in a interview with office revealed herslef as the dark romantic we always knew she was.

  The EP itself shows this. To forfeit control and give up your work for interpretation seems almost sadistic, but the romantic in her knows that the result is overwhelmingly worth it because if you didn't already understand the magnitude of this cool girl's ability to re-invent our conceptions of music, this EP will surely help you. By allowing other voices to change her own intitial instinct, this artist has demonstrated one of the most important things about music: it's not a one way street, it's a conversation. In this case, Gainbourg's "Sylvia Says" really does say a lot. 


Listen to the Slyvia Says Remixes here. 

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