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What is your ideal office?


A greenhouse. A glass space in a jungle or a jungle within a glass space.


What is an object that has made a remarkable impression on you?


Crystals in general. I feel like I’m very careless with shit. I lose everything and I don’t really hold on to material stuff, but I get attached to crystals.


What is your preferred mode of transportation?


Bike or foot, because I like to be outside.


Can you describe the last dream you had?


It was terrifying. It was a nightmare and it had something to do with my ex. I haven’t had any lucid dreams in a minute.


Who was your celebrity crush as a teenager?


The white boy from Bring It On, he was like “...Torrance I love your pom poms, I’ll feed you bon bons...”


What grosses you out?


Shitty people, blood and fecal matter. I’m not grossed out by a lot.


When was the last time you were starstruck?


I have this funny video of me meeting Alec Baldwin last night...


What is your spirit vegetable?


Kale. Its got nutrients and it’s very fortifying, it’s not easily wilted, and it’s also very chameleon-like. Kale.


If you were a professional athlete, what would be your sport of choice?


I was a gymnast for thirteen years, I danced for eleven years and I ran track. I love sports.


Lyrics to live by?


Yikes! Too hard...anything Stevie Wonder said, that’s how we livin’.


What technology excites you the most?


I’m really interested in the melding of how energy is transferring through technology, because it’s all energy and it’s all the same medium, just different measurements. The connection between us and our devices.


What was the first movie that made you cry?


Forrest Gump. And then, Beloved and Roots.


When was the last time you celebrated?


I’m starting to celebrate. 


What words make your heart beat faster?  


“Love” and “You wanna perform on ____?” Or “So and so died.”


How might you like to be reincarnated?


I’ve been thinking a lot about that, I don’t know. I wonder if I’m gonna come back as a dog.

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