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Tabula Rasa

A "non-profit organization that gives artists a platform to collaborate and create without commercial restraints," Tabula Rasa is dedicated to letting their artists and contributors express themselves freely, without ever interrupting their vision. And like office, they're also committed to sustainability—the Performance Issue cover was actually made from paper cups that are destined for landfill by London-based company G.F. Smith. Each issue actually upcycles about five paper cups.


The issue, which is available for pre-order now, will be available this January at the office Newsstand. In the meantime, peep some of our favorite spreads, below.

Angelina Bergenwall
Hunter Abrams & Nick DeLieto
Lillie Eiger
Luke Smithers
Tabula Rasa cover

Photos courtesy of Tabula Rasa. Pre-order Volume IV here.

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