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Tapestry Today: by Christen Mooney

Traditional tapestries tell elaborate biblical and mythological stories. Today, those narratives don't fit the complex identities and experiences that define individuals in the contemporary context. One of office's close friends, Christen Mooney has created a multi-media project, heavily inspired by the black homosexual experience in today’s political climate, the Unicorn Tapestries, and Bob Mizer, pulling inspiration from a plethora of different periods in time and meanings.


Mooney let us in on the inspiration that lead to his latest project, alongside an exclusive preview, below:


Cooning For Cash is a series of three tapestries I conceptualized and produced through constant mediation. Cooning For Cash’s imagery represents the beautiful struggle one has in the quest towards find self love.



In this clout chasing world we live in, I wanted to share my own narrative, to make art I wanted to see in the world, not art that would work in the world. My series is a chance for one to take a deep mediation into psyche of the black male experience. It’s my first physical offering as a conceptual artist and I’m extremely proud of it.


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