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Thank You Leonard Cohen

Why do you think art has been historically deemed dangerous? Because, even though the tangibility of art can be physical, the true power lies in its unmaterialistic existence. Art is spirit. Art is soul. Art has given oppressed people the strength to keep going, to keep fighting, to not be intimidated. Think of the songs the slaves used to sing, think of the books that were so powerful in educating that they were deemed dangerous by governments to the point of being banned, yet people kept reading them, people kept singing songs.


We need to rise in our creation. We may not have the same weapons that our foes have, but we have the most powerful weapon of all: ideas. It’s time to de-prioritize easily consumable work and start being hyper-selective over what we pay attention to. We need to be smarter than ever before, and we need to be more unified than we’ve ever been. Love to all. Peace to all.


Text by Ana Velasco

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