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A Thing Called Beauty

Before you begin a new project, what are some ways you find inspiration?

Inspiration is always in what you haven't done.


Do you have any rituals you do while working on a project?

The only ritual I experience in any project is to make sure that it goes through not only a current consciousness, but will pass time with both present and future power of understanding, and pertinence. 


How would you describe your style?

I think that is for others to determine, but my mantra is to move forward into new understandings and meanings towards motivational concepts.

Do you have a favorite medium?

I never consider or have favorites in creation, only alternatives.


When working with a specific medium--whether it’s a hairstyle, a sculpture or a some other visual art, do you think you ever borrow tactics from other mediums? For example, when creating a hairstyle, do you ever think along the same lines of creating a sculpture?

For me a hairstyle is a sculpture, and really don't view what I do as being a hairdresser or an artist, as they are one in the same from my perspective.

Collage by #Recine

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Do you find a continuous theme or flow, between your projects, regardless of whether or not they were meant to work together? Or do you see your projects as completely independent from one another.

The theme that drives me and runs through all that I do is the never ending experience of the mystery and power of beauty.


And finally, do you ever go back to a finished piece of work and rework, or add to it?

Im always elaborating and expanding on current and older concepts of my work, as all I do is a never ending adventure into that abyss called Beauty.

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