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Tim & Eric On Tour


Tim & Eric seamlessly transformed the digital artistry of their show into unconventional performance art for a live audience during the sold-out show at Town Hall. Making their entrance onstage in short shorts and white tailed tuxedo jackets, Tim & Eric began the show with an intro song and their typical riffing. Tim then revealed plans to start a build-your-own-hoagie restaurant, complete with a Pitch Deck and an informational video that featured zoomed-in clips and uncomfortably exaggerated audio of someone hand-scooping mustard and slapping turkey onto a sandwich. Costume changes ensued as they performed their classic characters and bits such as the parody public relations firm Dobis P.R. and the gothic German synth band Zwei Dunkel Jungen (“Two Dark Boys”), as well as a classified, never-before-seen character. Acts were interspersed with singalongs from previous episodes and sneak peeks from the upcoming season of Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories, the partners' spin-off show. Seeing familiar sketches take new life on stage made the evening feel like a visit into the Tim & Eric universe.


    "Philadelphia 1996", Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

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