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The Toothless Wonder

Check out the office beauty exclusive interview with Stoll and peak his collection below.



Tell me a bit about your BIZAR 2019 Collection: “School Day?”


“School Day” was heavily influenced by both components of school; Teachers & Students. In the collection, there are a variety of upcycled dress shirts, blazers, and vests, representing the teachers. On the other side, there is lots of repurposed school and sports t-shirts and hoodies. All of the school shirts are Western New York or Buffalo high school and colleges.


Why “School Day?”


I chose “School Day” because I wanted to show my new appreciation and influence of Western New York youth as a whole. Youth development all starts with school. I also chose “School Day” mainly to demonstrate the show being the last day of school; the start of summer and graduation.


What draws you to Buffalo, New York? 


I was born in Buffalo and then moved to a small village twenty minutes away from Buffalo at a young age. Western New York as a whole is strange. Going from a powerful industrial capital in the early 20th century to a forgotten, unnoticed mysterious city, is quite a shift. It’s home to me. It’s special to me. I am proud that I grew up in Western New York. Not many can say that. It gives me hope and inspiration doing what I do and coming from where I come from.


What inspires you?


There are many actions and people that inspire me as a person. One would be Jim Henson. I started drawing at a very young age. I kept drawing and later noticed a lot of my drawings were all monsters that were inspired by Henson’s puppets. Jim Henson created my two favorite movies of all time. The Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal. His idea of fantasy and bizarre creatures applying to a child is a very unique objective to me. It inspired me to get weird with everything I do, especially while creating.


Tell me a story about yourself.


So when I was seven years old, I got into a sledding accident in the winter. I lost my tooth and then had a fake tooth for a while until 2018. The dentist insisted I needed a new appliance that would require braces for a year and then a denture/retainer appliance that would permanently be in my mouth for two years. I had it in for two weeks, but then decided I didn’t want it in my mouth anymore. Once that happened I got hooked for a job, then I became a model.


Head to toe, what color?


Head to toe: pickle green, with a touch of brown.


In some of your photos, there are models dressed in your collection, walking through a restaurant, Can you talk a little bit about that event?


The show location was at Prima Pizza, an old fashioned 1970s style family-owned pizzeria in the heart of downtown Buffalo.I chose a pizza shop because I have had a lot of memories going to get pizza with my friends after school. After the show there was a pizza party and pop up shop, symbolizing a graduation party. Also, Buffalo is very well known for pizza and wings, the correlation of the location and the food inspired me to do it there.


Describe your aesthetic.


If I had to describe my aesthetic, it would consist of vintage action figures, old football cards, old circus newspaper articles, monsters, such as Dracula, Frankenstein, and Creature of The Black Lagoon. Also, human figures that are considered oddities, such as Schlitzie.


Do you have any tattoos?


I have four tattoos. Three of them are stick and poke and one of them was done with a tattoo gun. On my right wrist I have the words “BIZAR” and an inch and a half above it I have the same word “BIZAR.” These words are different sizes and slightly different fonts, showing evolution and progression within myself and my creations. On my left upper arm I have a stick and poke, that reads “PICKLE,” in the same font as the rest of my tattoos. This emphasizes and demonstrates my love for pickles. Ever since I was a young kid I loved eating pickles. I am literally eating pickles as I’m typing this on the plane. The other word is “GARGOYLE,” which shows my love for strange creatures.


It’s 11:11 pm on a Saturday night, Where would we find you?


On a Saturday night at 11:11 PM you will find Audi either at my grandmother's house sewing or in my friend's recording studio in Buffalo. I rarely will be at my house on that day and time. Also at this time of night, I am craving a pickle. So, you might catch me on the street going to retrieve pickles for my pickle desires.


Milk before the cereal, or cereal before milk?


Definitely cereal before the milk.


What type of cereal would you be?


If I was a cereal I would be Frosted Mini-Wheats, the strawberry flavor. I say this because I feel like I am becoming more of a modest person, as in, I’m enjoying the simple things in life more. Less Is More. At the same time, I do have a uniqueness and a boldness with that simplicity, so that justifies the strawberry. Also, I’m cute and so are strawberries.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


In five years, I see myself producing small quantities of my garments on a more manufactured level, rather than up cycling. Also, hopefully, I will be in a movie by then. That’s a big goal of mine that not many know. In addition to all of this, I see myself possibly moving out of Buffalo to New York or Paris.


What do you see for the future of BIZAR 2019 Collection: “School Day?”


The only thing I can really say I see for the future of this collection “School Day” is the word progression. This was my first show and was a tremendous learning experience for myself and others. Now I know what to do differently for future shows. I see this collection as a memorable marking point in my life, that justifies my progression and love I have for the city and the youth that live in it.

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