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Toro y Moi

What is your ideal office?


Space is what I find the most necessary. Space allows organization, and organization provides efficiency.


What is your favorite part of the body?


My hands, honestly. I really need to give them more love.


Who is the historical figure you’d most like to serenade?


Shel Silverstein. It’s nice to give back.


When was the last time you were starstruck?


I saw Michael Phelps in the TSA line at SFO. When I recognized him my brain got excited—then I remembered it’s not polite to stare. Where and with whom did you eat your last great meal? Our promoter from Houston took us all to Uchi last night. ;) *Thanks Jagi*.


What is the most meaningful item in your wardrobe?


Nothing’s better than the feeling of tight Calvin Klein undies. Plus they make me feel secksy.


Who was your celebrity crush as a teenager?


Larisa Oleynik aka Alex Mac from Nickelodeon. I’m a sucker for tomboys.


What is your tool of choice?


Da internet.


Do you believe in ghosts?


Not really, I believe in leftover energy not having someplace to go. I don’t think there’s anything really out there trying to scare us, life is just scary sometimes.


What technology excites you the most?


Google Maps. It’s a straight game changer. Oh, and international phone plans...


Who was the last person you hugged?


Da wifey, just ‘cause... Wifeys like hugs.


What animated character do you relate to the most?


Doug Funnie.


What weather phenomenon best represents your personality?


Does a solar eclipse count?


What household item are you most suspicious of?


My mirror.


What is the last living thing you fell in love with?


Any puppy I see. Do Instagram puppies count?

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