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Vaquera interprets The Handmaid's Tale

Standout looks included a giant hoodie gown, a deep red damask dress made out of pillow cushions, a high neck red leather blouse underneath an early twentieth century suffragette apron, and a red silk slip-on dress, worn by a model whose hands were bound behind her back. All of these looks were brought together through an off-beat and in-your-face performance meant to stir up the themes of women's liberation so central to The Handmaid's Tale, yet also let the audience know that just because the young, indepdendent label was presenting a capsule collection sponsored by modern content streaming behemoth Hulu, Vaquera's designers would stay focused in their intent when faced with the challenges that arise when "mainstream" meets "underground."


"We don't like putting clothes in an oversaturated market that don't have a meaning behind them," says the Vaquera team. "The story of the handmaid is incredibly poignant right now, in the past, and every day." But rather than expressing this importance through the mere clothing itself, or even in the performance aspect of the show, Vaquera attempts to get their message across through casting, through the characters that they put in the clothes. "My favorite look with the person in it is not at all what I would've thought my favorite look was before seeing the person in it." 


Vaquera used clothing to elevate and reinterpret themes explored so deeply within the medium of television, creating a product true to both the show's central motifs yet so distinctly, and so beautifully... Vaquerian.

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