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Video Premiere: X-Coast - Feel Real (feat. Xhosa)

Robots have already replaced our rote, repetitive tasks, but what

about our cerebral, creative ones?



In this piece we explore a near distant future in which robotic

drones function as both assistant and companion. Drones orbit

each of us like satellites in our individual worlds, tending

to tasks our from the practical to the personal.



Xhosa’s small army of drones carry her purse, her drink, even

lovingly placing her jacket on her shoulders when she feels a chill.

With robotic technology now becoming an accepted part of our

sociocultural landscape, this new luxury uses drones to eradicate 

any burdens, be it objects or considerations. 



This exponentially rapid integration makes moments of pause, 

reflection and questioning of our current and accepted realities 

increasingly crucial. Our deep-seated fears of machines coming to 

dominate human will and technological formalism violating humanistic 

values are dancing hand in hand with our utopian visions of freedom, 

prosperity and expansion fueled by the spark of innovation and 

technological progress. 



These are the moments the piece explores—the

curious intersection of science ‘fiction’ and fact. When we

connect to the past, present, and future simultaneously and

through it all still find ourselves in every moment.

Follow Xhosa on Twitter and Instagram, and X-Coast on Instagram.

Photo by Joseph Jagos

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