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Watch Out, It's Gemini Season

Right - Bras by Lidow Archive, pants models' own. 

Left - Jacket by Vera Wang, necklace by Miu Miu, ring by Sophie Ratner

Fashion and Identity cannot be separated, as beauty and life must always flourish side by side. Life cannot exist without beauty. Connecting with your inner beauty and translating this sacred connection with the outside world takes true courage. That's why we linked up with The Dupont Twins, beauty royalty of the generation - check out the full interview below. 

Define beauty.


Beauty is hard to define as it is in everything. Anything that we come into contact with that stimulates emotion is beautiful.


What is your mission on Earth?


We really live to inspire people through our work and to show that you have no limits when you are shamelessly you’re true self.


Do you believe in alien life?


Absolutely. After all, from an outside perspective, aren’t we all just aliens on planet earth.


Your work often find the beauty in horror—what are you afraid of?


We are afraid of a world without fashion, who would we be without it.


How do you overcome fear?


You face it.


Name two beauty icons, one living, one dead.


Icon David Bowie and living legend Pat McGrath.


If you could only use one product for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?


A tinted SPF, our favorite is Laura Mercier, because it gives our skin that perfect boost and protects it.


How do you see yourselves transforming as artists?


We are constantly transforming as artists. As Gemini’s we get bored quickly & are always looking for new things to inspire us.


As gender fluid models, your very existence is a revolutionary act of subversion—what ways have you continued to create positive change?


By never compromising who we are. It sets the tone for not only our community but for everybody shows we deserve to be here just as much as they do.


What is your relationship to fashion?


Fashion is a consistent inspiration for us and our biggest outlet of self expression. Our fashion is our identity.


How do you discover inner beauty?


We can’t tell you how to discover your true beauty but for us, it’s about loving yourself no matter what.


What is your daily regiment?


It changes day to day depending on where we’re going and who we’re seeing. One thing we use a lot of while getting ready is time.


Something you take from each other? 


Jake takes all my clothes and Joseph steals all my makeup.


Tell me a secret.


Secrets cost extra.


Word associations: ugly; sexy.


Sexy: a heel. Ugly: flats.


2019 prediction?


We have a feeling we’ll be taking over some new cities this year as well as working with some of the greats...stay tuned.


Is there life after beauty?


No. There’s no such thing as life without it.

Jacket by Christopher Kane.

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