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Wax Where It Counts with Frankie Boyd

office favorite MUA Frankie Boyd moves on from face masks to hair wax. Try and keep up as the hairless artist reviews three styling waxes on his eyebrows this week for Beauty Committee. Without futher ado, the all-natural, non-toxic contenders are: Less is More's "Honey Mask," BluMaan's "Monarch Matte Paste," and NO GUNK's "Styling Funk."


Which one has the best name?


No Gunk's "Styling Funk."


One is crazy, one is cute and one is cocky?


Crazy: BluMaan's "Monarch Matte Paste"


Cute: Less is More's "Honey Wax"


Cocky: NO GUNK's “Styling Funk"


You have to eat one—which one?


Less is More's "Honey Wax." It smells good.


What's the best part of every product?


NO GUNK's “Styling Funk" — Best all over.


BluMaan's "Monarch Matte Paste" — Best "bro" packaging.


Less is More's "Honey Wax" — Yummy smell.


Which one are you most likely to use yourself?


None, I don't have any hair.

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