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Who is Skinny Girl Diet?

Where does the name Skinny Girl Diet come from?


Delilah—It’s a social commentary on beauty standards put on women—how nothing is ever good enough or beautiful enough.


Why do you believe body image affects so many people in a negative way?


D—Because we are told there is one perfect body/way to be, and we are all unique.


Ursula—It's the government and society's way of exploiting your insecurities to sell you things and make you feel like you're never going to be good enough. The advertisements catered to women from hair removal to diets to pills to housewives cleaning etc are like that for a reason—to keep us in a regimented, easily controlled formula of self hatred and compliance and to try to indoctrinate us subconsciously, telling us constantly that we need to change when really we should be appreciating the gift of uniqueness, of being the only version of ourselves existing on this planet. It's all about unchaining your brain and accepting whatever form you come in as that is the biggest "fuck you" to it all.


What has been like making music with your sister? Any sibling rivalry?


U—I snatched her wig yesterday, and we are definitely like that scene from Showgirls. Let's just say she slipped!


D—All jokes aside, there would never be any rivalry. When Ursula wins, I win likewise. We have a sister bond where we feel emotions the other is feeling. In general, I love to see talented, beautiful people succeed.


At what age did you start making music?


D—I started making music when I was 12. We started the band when I was 14 and Ursula was 12 for fun, and now we are here.


What flavor would you suggest to Lay's for a new potato chip?


U—Fame flavour: bittersweet.


D—Fried chicken.


What influences you the most musically and style wise?


U—I apparently have a yellow aura (which is my favourite color), so that's the color I wear most. And I also regard Bowie as a hero/icon of mine/my everything, so I'm absolutely influenced by him.

D—Anything divine, dark, glamorous, mystic, magic and royal. I have a passion for old things. I love vintage clothes and music. I'm influenced by the 50's and 60's. I love old school rare basement soul and garage rock from the 60's. I take a lot of influence from the blues, and I love underground R&B. Right now, I'm really into Jessie Mae Hemphill. She's really inspiring to me, and I love her style. I'm inspired by 60's girl groups. I love Ronnie Spector. I love Etta James. And I love Brenda Holloway.


What would choose for your last meal?


D—Fried Chicken and a large pepperoni pizza with large fries and a large espresso martini and double disaronno and coke. Then, I would finish it off with a massive chocolate cake.


U—Everlasting Gobstopper from Willy Wonka, so the guards would have to wait for eternity until I finished it.


I hear you're working on new music. When can we expect to hear the latest and greatest from you?


D—Fingers crossed for this year.


U—We're aiming for June, but you never know as we do everything ourselves completely D.I.Y. from videos, to using our gig money for releasing physical copies of our music and merch, but we wouldn't do it if we didn't love it.

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