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A Woman Unscorched

Reborn as an undying swan, Slicc Mic sings the prayers of her ancestors. When enemies tried to break her heart, the abundant universe unbound her third eye chakra. Now she is armed with an EP of incantations, secret vegan elixirs, and the Spirit of Life, itself. Sister to Sister; Witch to Witch, I—Mar—made the pilgrimage to an undisclosed location on the island of Manhattan to exchange rare teachings of the arcane with the artist formerly known as Mic. Not signed to a record label, Slicc Mic will raise the frequency of this planet, or die trying...



You are a self-proclaimed, practicing witch. How does the craft influence your artistry?


I think the word “witch” has been gentrified. I’ve been dabbling in a lot of different belief systems, each dealing with the concept of self-mastery for a long time, but I most identify as a healer and an occultist. Actually studying the occult gave me confidence. Once I really started to learn about what I truly am, how the universe works, all of my dreams became attainable. Magic has shown me the true world. Despite being a troll (by choice), I very much want to challenge the way people think and inspire them. There are no rules here [on Earth]. Anybody can do anything. Every single day the fabric of reality shreds a little more. People need to see that the only limitations are the ones they have placed upon themselves. My craft has given me purpose: change my own frequency, then ultimately, the frequency of this planet.


When did you first discover your gift—does it run in your family?


I’ve always been quite clever with my words, expressing them in forms that were relatable to other people. Though I never thought of it as a gift. Admittedly, amidst some difficult times, I used my talents with negative intent: saying things that don’t necessarily reflect my beliefs; and in a poor manner. But I am grateful for the lessons I have learned... even when it’s uncomfortable to see the way I have spoken about myself, about others. 2017: I experienced my first breakup; and it felt so heavy I began to write in a much more serious fashion. It was really the only method that could transmute all of the pain I went through. Of course, simultaneously, I was bestowed with my first tarot deck, which helped me to refine my instinct for analyzing the material world, communicating with spirit guides, and thus, strengthening my inner voice. This trifold combination triggered my awakening. I don't entirely know if it runs in my family. However, I believe that anyone being can have any gift if they choose to tap into it. Everything is possible.


Tell me about the song, "111". What does synchronicity mean to you?


"111" is a twin flame story—finding your missing piece, just to have them taken away from you. That physical separation and the time spent apart are only illusions. The song repeats, “I am the one” over, and over, again, because everything you experience, here, in the physical realm, are just aspects of yourself reflected back at you. The separation was never real. You are One (1). And you can revisit those experiences, at any time you choose, within your mind. There is a common misconception that you have to unify with your twin flame on Earth, but I don't believe in that. I think it’s more important to unify with yourself, and your mission here. That is how you can win [the game of] life. Understanding synchronicity is a really important part of this secret. Whenever you may feel lost, or if everything goes wrong, noticing small synchronicities, like repeated numbers, reoccurring emotions, and other patterns, or symbols, in your life, will remind you of your true path. I do not believe in coincidences.


In William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the Duke Orsino purrs, “If music be the food of love, play on.” What’s cooking in your stew; and who will attend?


I’m eating with Jimi Hendrix, Aaliyah, Michael [Jackson], and Amy Winehouse. I will be serving rat stew: my top-secret vegan recipe (so don’t bother asking me for it); and for dessert, a big bowl of oatmeal… Mmm. Delightful.



When did you become vegan? Write a short song describing the relationship between a plant-based diet, and spirituality.


In February 2018, I went straight from eating meat to an alkaline diet; it was really intense, but after moving to NYC, there were so many options. Eventually, I downgraded to just regular vegan. Now I mainly eat a lot of soy—which is why my anime knockers are huge.


I bodied this diet / I body this body

I only consume / my own energy

Eating earth’s green / almost feels guilty

But eating a plant / is better than cruelty


Is there a difference between writing a song, and writing a spell?


There is no difference between writing a song, and writing a spell. Every teaching that has resonated with me points back to our thoughts, our words, controlling our reality. Desires carry weight on their own, but employing them with sound alchemy increases your personal power. Consumers should always be conscious of all they consume. Both songs and spells are mutable usage for any purpose the writer intends: manifesting, mind control, healing. It really depends on your agenda. So when you listen to music, remember: you are deciding whose spell you want to be under. There is no right, or wrong. The universe means one song. That is the true power of music.


So what can we expect from your new EP? Is there an album in the works?


The EP is an inward journey over healing tones. I try to paint portraits of places I’ve astral projected to, as well as, my physical experiences on Earth. You can expect some dimensional shifts — a planetary reset — but most of all……vibes. As for the album? I really want to take my time with it. It will finish when the simulation finally ends. I have to let it come when it is ready.


Name some other witches in the music industry. Any of them inspire you?


I currently do not have a publicist, but if I did... she would advise me not to comment.

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