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Workwear Made Elegant

That's because, at only a year old, Lorod has already established a defined aesthetic, both in their clothing and their ethos— quietly challenging what a fashion show can look like, exchanging elusive white-box galleries for something that feels more sentimental and approachable. Even on a Sunday afternoon, a presentation by them doesn't feel like an obligation. You probably wouldn't guess the problems within the industry from their clothing either.


On the runway, models wove around plastic installations in an exposed brick room that felt, uncharacteristicly, inviting. Known for putting an elegant spin on what is undoubtedly fashion's biggest craze, workwear, Lorod's 2019 resort collection is no different. The line focused on exaggerated silhouettes and textures, exploring dramatically sloped shoulders, cinched waists, sexless slip dresses, and cropped square jackets with a tight western aesthetic.


Some of the collections standouts include a black dress stitched together with a cotton skirt and bouncy sleeves, slim waisted work shirts, and an enormous patent jacket  that would make anyone wearing it look like the villian in a Sin City movie. Also, denim, the collection features lots of great denim.


While virtually every label, established and just starting out, has succummed to workwear, theres something that feels honest and authentic about Lorod's take on the trend. The inspiration for the collection doesn't seem to come from just one vision of feminity— or masculinity as there were male models featured in the show. Lorod can be simultaneously elegant and rugged. Maybe the classicism of the brand isn't exciting to everyone looking at fashion right now, but the timelessness feels like it has the power to outlast the rest of the workwear focused brands. 


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