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From having saved a sex doll who had been "hanging outside the Bowery Electric", to the band's beginnings in the bathroom of their workplace— YAASSS is the raunchy, rowdy, and retro band bringing back glam-rock.

...On second thought, stay away from defining their genre. Go with their Instagram bio, which says, “Did you just assume our genre? We are a falafel rock band from Brooklyn."



So, you guys are all bartenders, and you guys all worked at the same bar?


Uh yeah once upon a time, Matt used to work there. He’s a regular there now.


How did the idea for the band start, were you guys all playing music before?


Yeah, we were just getting fucked up at work, it was getting kind of boring. So, we asked what more can we do together while getting fucked up? We were all in the bathroom together and that was kind of the genesis of it all.


And where did the name come from?


Our friend Austin, it came naturally to him. He named the band, and he put the glitter on the band. Technically we shouldn’t even be having this interview without him.


Who would you reference yourself to in terms of influence?


Bowie, Stooges, Dead Kennedys, and the sounds of sizzling falafels or Hashish.


What’s the songwriting process like?  Does it happen back in the bathroom?


Yeah, its pretty organic.


So do you guys have more plans to go on tour?


Yeah, definitely in the springtime, because we’re working on finishing up a record and we’re gonna add a couple more songs and start mastering it. We currently have 8 tracks and one cover.




What song is the cover?


‘Like a Bad Girl Should’ by The Cramps.


Do you guys have an album?


No, more like a collection of singles, this wasn’t meant to be a serious thing and then all of a sudden it became one.


Why wasn’t it supposed to be serious?


We all have bills to pay we really just do this for fun. This is actually the first time we’ve been paid.


I feel like there are not that many glam bands out there right now, but the genre is very much associated with 80s.  How do you guys feel like you can do something different, and updated?


It’s less spaceships, falsetto and big crunchy guitars . It’s a little more the Stooges, kind of sleezy.


It seems like you guys are more trying to have fun and do something that inspires you, rather than referencing something that’s trendy .


Exactly, that’s kind of how it worked, we kind of half-assed everything which made it even more magical. It's like a dollar store glitter kind of glam-rock, more punky. Like, you break into your sisters makeup kit, when dad isn’t around to call you a sissy.


Where are you guys from?


Portland, Oregon, New Mexico, Jersey, California, New York, Iran...


Are any of you in any other bands?


One of us plays the organ in the church band every Sunday morning. They actually don't know about this band. That might need to be off the record. (Laughs)


How did the blow up doll get involved?


Cooper met her somewhere, she was hanging outside of the Bowery Electric that night and we saved her.


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