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"Your Space Or Mine" Robert Montgomery x Jack

"I started doing billboard works in Shoreditch in 2004 as my own protest against the Iraq War, and doing billboards in Shoreditch formed the backbone of my work throughout the 2000s. I no longer live in the neighbourhood, it's too expensive for artists now, but being invited back by Jack is thrilling as I'm getting to take over whole streets where I used to live. It's letting me work across multiple billboards and look at each street as a giant graphic poem and experiment much more with the visual aspects of the work. I'm thinking of them as concrete poems really with the billboard as the page and pushing the graphic elements more than I've been able to before." - Robert Montgomery


The series of works will be featured on Jack’s sites at Commercial Street, Curtain Road, Old Street, Broadway Market and Ebor Street.

A map is available online.

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