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Adam Selman Spring 2018

Selman calls jeans "our only American costume," and he used a great deal of denim, his key fabric (along with lots of gingham and boudoir-esque pajama dressing). Georgie O’Keefe-inspired irises were painted on a number of garments, and she also influenced the lovely set: Selman partnered with Papyrus and artist and set designer Daniel Sean Murphy to craft 900 indigo-colored paper irises. It seems likely that the iris pieces will be everywhere, much like his rose prints from last season’s collection, “Say It With Flowers.” 


Model Lameka Fox closed the show in a transparent jeans/jean jacket combo made of blue sequins, complete with the iris detailing. It ruled, but my personal favorite pieces were the ones covered in feathers, particularly a crop top that looked like it was floating off the model’s body. “The feathers were actually a last minute edition,” said Selman. “I just wanted to be fun and Muppet-y without being cartoonish.” The most glamorous Miss Piggy would be truly honored.

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