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All Hail Ho99o9

We've seen them in concert before, at their Brooklyn show last Summer— and we had captured what we physically could, given that the show had begun, and ended, with the Twitter comment, "LAST TIME I SAW HO99OR SOMEBODY RIPPED MY SHIRT TO SHREDS AND I LEFT THE SHOW WITH NO SHIRT."


This time, we got the chance to actually converse with the deadly duo backstage before their headline show at The Deaf Institute— and got to hear all about hypothetical situations, (appropriately) horror stories and… Beyoncé?



Aside from war, what else is hell for HO99O9?


Yeti Bones: Waking up everyday knowing my life could be taken away in a split second,because this world and a lot of people in it are deranged. you never know when your time is up, war is hell and life is hell.


theOGM (blueface): A Toothache.


What’s the least horrible thing about being in a band?


YB: Interesting question, least horrible thing? For the most part being in a band wasn’t my main focus in life growing up, so for me just being in a band period is the least horrible thing. Also this is a very lame answer I’m giving you right now, sorry, I love you, forgive me. Fuck :-)


OGM: Sharing.


The scariest thing about the music industry in 2018?


YB: They will fuck you in the ass with no lube and leave you to burn in hell. The music industry is cutthroat, fake, a pose, filled with sharks, leeches and hungry animals. It’s a game of chess and if you play your cards right you might head forward or if you suck enough dick you might reach even higher grounds. It’s very “scary”. But we like to keep things authentic on our side of the stick: survival of the fittest, fuck or get fucked, kill or be killed.


OGM: Exactly what he just said. They will fuck you hard and fast, then slow and laugh about it.


The most terrifying thing that’s ever happened on tour?


YB: Playing in front of a sold out crowd with no HO99O9 fans in attendance. Opening up for a bigger band resulted in me punching a nazi heckler who kept shouting out absurd and disrespectful comments throughout our whole set. I have zero tolerance for racism.


OGM: We were driving in France when the shooting happened in Paris. A friend of a friend was sending us live footage of people in the streets trying to get away, bodies lying in the side streets. The borders were filled with army soldiers and all shows were cancelled in France for the whole week! We went to the site after it happened a few days later. You could still see all the bullet holes in the walls.


The most evil track you've ever heard?


YB: The most violent, wild, mind blowing, shocking, menacing and for the most part evil track I have ever heard in my life is “Kim” by Eminem on his Marshal Mathers LP record. It came out when I was in High School, my sled and everybody loved it. But a whole song about killing your girlfriend, dragging her body through the woods and burying the body is pretty gnarly. I’m pretty sure that album was number one in the music charts.


OGM: “Bills, Bills, Bills” by Destiny's Child. The hook is "Can you pay my bills, can you pay my telephone bills, can you pay my automo-bills, if you did then maybe we could chill I don't think you do so, you and me are through". So if this dude can't pay her bills, she’s outta there and the dude is a low life. He’s driving her car, not putting gas in it and then buying her gifts with her own money. This song is evil, setting bad examples on both ends for children. PS. I love Destiny's Child and Beyoncé.



If you could remake the soundtrack for any horror film, which would it be?


YB: Hellraiser. He’s one for no sympathy or tears, no apologies nor does he let you live. His killings are magnificent and on my top list of flesh devouring scenes. I hope one day I could be as lucky as to meet him, he’s a very fine gentleman in my eyes.


OGM: It'd have to be Django or Black Swan, I love Natalie Portman lol.


Which three musicians, dead or alive, would you fuck, marry or kill?


YB: I would kill every member in Blink 182: chop their bodies up into itty bitty tiny pieces, get Warped Tour to book them a “reunion” show during one of their summer extravaganzas. Once it’s time to play I would launch all the body parts onto the crowd of die-hard teeny bopper Blink fans, then the speakers would start playing Slayer’s “Reign In Blood”. Ah man, it would be so sick.


OGM: You'll never know until you see the ring or the death certificate.


Does your hometown have any specific word of mouth horror stories?


YB: Supposedly there’s the legend of a New Jersey Devil lurking in the woods somewhere out in west bubble fuck New Jersey. I don’t know much on him, nor do I know much about the hockey team, but what I do know is that Newark has a high number of murders and killings in the community. Same neighborhood I’m from, my childhood was a horror story in itself.


OGM: They took all our teams! Brooklyn took the Nets away from New Jersey so we only have the New Jersey Devils. The Giants and Jets stadium is in NJ, more of a sad story. Luckily they didn't take our chicken shacks away lol, bless up.

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