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Back to the Barn with Raf

Simons seems to have hit his stride this (semi)-season, fully demonstrating his ability to rework classic Americana attire by infusing it with a boldness and drama that has come to distinguish his touch from everyone elses. Mirroring the dystopian backdrop of urban scaffolding, the womenswear deconstructs traditional dress silhouettes, reducing them to frilly slips bolstered by more masculine separates. Protection seemed to be the predominant theme of the collection, as Simons displayed a wide array firemen’s jackets, hazmat suits, and rubber gloves for both men and women complemented by mod turtlenecks.

  • Photos by Willy Vanderperre, featuring artwork by Andy Warhol ©/®/™ The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.; ™ Hopper Goods, LLC
  • Styling by Olivier Rizzo

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