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Beauty Committee: Round II

We're a little ass company navigating the rough waters of the creative world with a grace as silky as it is sexy, so we thought it only fitting to ask our lovely judges to try products that will make your body almost* as smooth as we are: shaving oil. Our all-natural contenders are "Stellar Shave Cream" by Ursa Major, "Organic Shave Oil" by Tico*, and "Shave Oil" by The Bearded Bastard, and we have office baddie and Beauty Committee judge Contessa CUNTMAFIA Stutto here to give us the lowdown on each one. Check out her answers below and stay tuned, because we have our next judge coming in red-hot tomorrow afternoon!



Most stylish bottle? 


Tico* has the most stylish bottle—I love green.


Which one has the best name?


The Bearded Bastard.


One is sassy, one is sad, one is sexy, which characteristic fits each shaving product best?


Sassy is URSA Major, Tico* is sexy, and Bearded Bastard is sad.


Which one would you gift to a friend?



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