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"Chasing the Thunder"

The chase, which spanned an epic 10,000 miles across two seas and three oceans and lasted 110 days, was lead by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society crew in pursuit of the Thunder, considered to be the world’s most notorious poaching vessel.



In a manner no short of heroic, this group of marine activists tirelessly pursued the fugitive ship through massive ice floes, storm-tossed seas, and a series of violent clashes between opposing crews, demonstrating a level of courage and dedication that we can all learn from.



If the aim of this documentary was not only to raise awareness of this enduring environmental issue, but also inspire within the viewer a desire to join the battle for ocean conservation, it surely succeeded.



Human history has proven time and time again that we take our natural resources for granted, and this disregard for our environment has resulted in its destruction. The ocean, and its ineffable beauty, is no exception. While you may not be able to single handedly take down an illegal fishing ship, there are still things you can do to contribute to the cause. Cut down on plastic, hold your friends accountable for littering and waste, shut off your lights and don’t leave the water running. Educate yourself with documentaries like this one, and never stop talking about the intensity of this issue and its implications. We know, it’s corny, but just because it may not make the theatrical cut does not mean that its not worth doing. Let’s fix this!


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