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DRØME's Crush on JIL

JIL, the trio and quasi-quartet that sounds like psychedelic soul with elements of electronica dedicate this episode to debut Virgin Atlantic, an escalating and experimental soundscape from a subtle band still in the societal shadows. The show turns up the volume with a voice-over interview that offers us another aspect in understanding the off-beat band. This element, unique to the series is the epitome of DRØME, strengthening the support of those taking art elsewhere and aiding in understanding artists deemed too alternative by segregating and stale standards.

  • Director: Cameron Michael Debe
  • Cinematographer: Rony Portillo
  • Featuring: Akili King, Emilie Wilde, and Hillary Lui
  • Sound Design: JIL
  • Produced by Satchel Lee and Caroline D’Arcy Gorman

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