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Fashion East S/S '20

Gareth Wrighton gave us a provocative “Virtual Unreality,” complete with a bonsai headpiece made entirely out of Cheetos and a viral tee that read, “MY OTHER TSHIRT’S A CUMRAG.” Wrighton, a Central Saint Martins student who garnered attention for presenting a video game rather than a fashion show upon graduation, spoke of the collection as a reflection on the sometimes dark nature of cyberspace. And it was a presentation as messy and deranged as the Internet itself, with outfits that could have easily been attributed to several different designers. One airy ensemble was simply a sundress paired with frilly socks and oxfords, while the next model stalked across in a pom-topped knit black onesie, only to be followed by a Sailor Moon meets Harley Quinn skirt and hair combo.


If Gareth Wrighton was a force of chaotic evil, Yuhan Wang infused the last bit of the show with some lawful good. The Chinese-born designer’s final Fashion East collection gave us another delicate taste of Wang’s consistency, replete with dreamy satins, ruffles, and ruching fit for a spring picnic. A picnic served in the shade at a lace-tablecloth covered table, with a printed tea set and tiny berry chantilly cake. Each piece—ahem, dress—was elegant in a traditional sense, and Wang’s own tendency to sketch out print plans in watercolor came through tenderly. But her modern cuts and draping conveyed the originality and brilliance of the designs. See for yourself below:

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