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Gentlemen Prefer Loewe

What does it mean to be a 'man' in 2019? And moreover, what does it mean to dress like one? For Anderson, the answer is multi-faceted—there is no one right way. Men can wear a pink or baby blue suit; an oversized polo; thigh high boots; leather chaps; or even a quilted dress.


As ideas of gender, masculinity and manhood continue to evolve, so does the image of menswear. In many ways, having separate Men's and Women's Fashion Weeks in today's environment can feel a bit arbitrary, particularly as so many designers are choosing to forgo the separation themselves. But for Anderson, having a dedicated menswear show, and choosing to present a collection that was equally fluid and manly, makes an even bigger statement: masculinity, and menswear, is whatever works for you.


See some of our favorite looks, below.

Photos courtesy of Loewe.

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