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Backstage at GANNI Fall/Winter 2017

In your own words, can you describe your collection? What do you feel is most important for people to take away from it?

The collection is called "Love Society," and this is a symbol of what we believe the world needs right now. The collection portrays the contrast between everything that is going on at the moment, both politically and environmentally, and what we wish to have more of: love, connectivity and authenticity. We want people to reflect on the world around them.


What do the candy and heart motifs specifically stand for?

They are fun and playful contrasts to our considerations about today’s reality, and they underline the theme "Love Society." We believe we are in need of some uplifting elements to remind us about what we should nurture and cultivate: love and respect for each other.


Are your new durable fabrics eco-friendly?  And how are they made to last?

We seek to design and develop clothing that are made to last in the sense that we are not following the fast fashion trend, but pursuing high quality and timeless designs, which will last you longer than one season. CSR is a seriously big deal to us. It is of great importance to us being aware of how we affect the environment and the footprint we make. Starting January 2017 we are funding carbon projects, which means we’re mapping our CSR emissions and compensating for them by funding new and more environmentally friendly cookstoves for women in Nepal. We’re also complying with the UN Global compact. Furthermore, we do what we can in our everyday lives, such as meat-free days at the office, a strong focus on reducing paper use by digitizing everything from image books to invitations, and so on. These are just a few steps, with more to come in developing our CSR activities.


Some people believe that good art only comes from sadness. You used the division in the world right now as a driving force for your new collection. Do you agree with this saying?

I do agree to some extent. However, my creativity is spiked by a wide variety of emotions, not just sadness and frustration, but also happiness, curiosity, and excitement. My mind is always working.


What do you find most inspiring about the culture in Denmark right now?


Danes, and Scandinavians in general, have managed to democratize design without compromising quality or aesthetics by effortlessly combining looks with ability. This design heritage is truly inspiring to me, and it’s a premise we work with very seriously.


Furthermore, Danes seem to have cracked the code of work-life balance to some extent. Most of us have a strong sense of community, and we prioritize career as well as family life. This way of living is also a strong source of inspiration to me.

If you could choose one person dead or alive who encapsulates the spirit of your brand, who would it be?

We do not work with a specific woman in terms of age, occupation, and origin. We design for all kinds of women. For us it’s all about personality, attitude and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Many women, both living and deceased, capture this spirit. But if I have to name one, I always had a soft spot for Chloë Sevigny.

What is your best remedy for a creative block?

Put on your headphones, and grab your bike, and go for a ride.  

How does being a female designer influence the way you design for other women?

I design clothes that I want to wear myself. I want women to feel comfortable in their own skin, and not feel like they have to be someone else. Personally I always follow with my instinct, and try not to overthink everything. My everyday look is constantly changing, yet I generally love comfortable easy-to-wear pieces that work in all aspects of my day. This is very much the philosophy of GANNI as well.



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