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Get to Know Sons of Raphael

Sons of Raphael have been on our radar for quite some time now. Between the magnetism of their disposition and the instinctive nature of their sound, office couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask Loral and Ronnel some questions; questions that began rather innocently about soup but somehow ended with all of us trading twisted pet stories... 


Ronnel—I’m the mayor of my neighborhood, the neighborhood watch.


You guys should get some suits.


R—Well, we have soups!


Loral—No she said suits, not soups.


I feel like soups are like your power-ups


R—If you buy the place next to us, you can have the soups all the time too. You could spend the money eating soups every day, but if we buy that Japanese place it would all make more sense. That is one of the reasons why I think we’re doing this. Once we really get involved in the music business we will be able to go to the Japanese place three times a day, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


L—Also it’s the most expensive restaurant. It’s very expensive, but fortunately we like to indulge.


R—We almost exclusively eat soup. We only really eat the other dishes when we celebrate. You have to reward yourself, you can’t just be a pig.


I agree with that. You guys probably have to take like multivitamins then because only eating soups probably has your bodies’ lacking nutrients.


L—Well we’re very healthy you know, because we wake up at five in the morning, we go to the park and we workout.


R—Every morning we will not miss our walk.


L—Well when it’s winter we don’t wake up at 5, we wake up with the sun.


R—Winter, it’s six!


You guys wake up early.


L—Well yeah, lots to do.


R—We have to make sure we have time to go to the Japanese place. We have to plan.


Which one of you is adopted?


L—Honestly I think we were both adopted.


Give each other a celebrity doppleganger.


L—Ronel reminds me of the Tasmanian devil.


R—I think he would Speedy Gonzales.


Who would die first during a zombie apocalypse?


R—We would both survive.


Do you guys know the game MFK?




Basically I’ll give you three people or things and you have to choose which one to marry, which one to fuck, and which one to kill.




Do you guys know Whoopi Goldberg?




Do you guys know Tony the Tiger?


L—The guy from Wisteria?


Haha ok so this is a no-go. Let me switch it up..would you rather be an elf or a hobbit?


R—I would rather kill myself, yeah.


Ha! What about if it’s only for a week?


R—What kind of week! That’s a lot of time!


L—I think I would rather be an elf for sure.


Do you guys have any pets?




Pets. Dogs, cats?


R—Cats? Nah, nah, no.


I feel like you guys are more dog people anyway


R—Ah, yes! We don’t have a dog, we don’t have it. We want a chow chow.


I had a chow chow growing up! A black chow chow with a purple tongue named Maximus the Third.


R—What! Show me.


I don’t have any pictures on hand, but I grew up with him and then he passed away when I was a sophomore in college.


L—I’m sorry. Such a beautiful dog.


Yeah, but I used to have nightmares that when I was sleeping, Max would stand up on his hind legs and walk up the stairs with a knife and try and stab me.


R—That’s so crazy you say that because Elvis, he had a chow chow, and he was scared that his dog would attack his wife!


Wow, I didn’t know that! Chow chows are beautiful dogs but sometimes they can look a lil ‘spicious. I see you guys having tiny really funny looking chihuahuas.




L—We don’t like small dogs!


Or a great dane, like Scooby-Doo.


R—I had a goldfish but he killed himself.


L—Yeah he killed himself.


Oh shit, how did that happen?


R—He just jumped out. And I stepped on him when I got out of bed.


Growing up I had this fish named Oscar, and we put him in a container with a bunch of smaller fish, which he systematically ate over the course of a week and then died.


R—When we were younger, we actually had a dog for a week until he decided to eat our turtle. He pulled it out of the shell. It was a turtle that we found laying on the road and adopted.


Damn yo! That’s a determined dog, that shit is hard to do!


L—Yeah, we don’t have much luck with pets.



Check out their new EP premiering tomorrow, A Nation of Bloodsuckers.

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