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The Great Go-Sees of Juergen Teller

Now, at London’s Alison Jacques Gallery, Teller has taken over the space with a three-part exhibition of his work. The show displays three separate projects, two of which are more recent bodies of work, Enjoy Your Life! Junior (Bubenreuth Kids), and a Fairytale About a King.


The third is his entire collection of Go-Sees, 462 in total, which, although previously published, have never before been shown in a physical space. And the result is overwhelming, in a wonderful way. Teller’s true testiment to success is epitomised in this exhibition. Though each project has its own time and place, all three are tied together by the brilliant balance of strange and sentimental, eccentric and emotional that has tirelessly made for the major artist Teller continues to be today.

Lara, London, 4th March 1999
Jen Dawson, London, 3rd December 1998
Lori Fredrickson, London, 4th February 1999
Vicky, London, 8th October 1998
Carmel, London, 10th September 1998
Mariacarla, London, 18th February 1999
Lori Fredrickson, London, 23rd March 1999
26th February 1999
Vesna, London, 24th September 1998


  • The show will be on view through January 13th. To see and read more on the other series included, head to Alison Jacques Gallery.

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