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Off-Grid with Uppy


Using digital technology as a tool, Uppy, a.k.a. Alexandra Crotta, offers her clients an experience into their deeper consciousness, through a process called Theta Healing. But, in typical LA fashion, Uppy is also a musical artist. Although unexpected, her two professions are tied together seamlessly, both her music and healing presenting idiosyncratic intentions by way of outlandish and experimental action and audio practices. Her latest album, Medicute, is intensely cerebral, overflowing with depth⁠—encompassing dark and distorted beats playing against almost eerily upbeat vocals, this iteration of pop music is in itself as much a call-to-action for (mental) health awareness as is her work as a theta healer.



We got the privilege of sitting down with the enlightening artist to discuss the ins and outs of theta healing, Catholic school, the meaning behind her ambient acoustics, and what Uppy wants to make next for the modern world. Read below.



So, I know that your work was born out of your career in theta healing, can you talk about that?


I created Uppy as a subconscious reality in my mind through reality creation techniques via theta healing. Uppy’s latest adventure as a pop star will allow her to enjoy herself in helicopters to remote locations (to deliver documents because she wanted to interface with hired spies), then off to meditate for eight hours in sacred springs wearing only silk gloves, then lounge with exotic Savannah Cats she’s training in a language called Gurmukhi. Also keen to jaunts around in homeless shelters when she’s called to as a missionary project to provide healing and soul journeys. Uppy is currently applying to McDonald's as well as the peace corp as part of a larger social experiment scripted in a larger universe of music culture.


It sounds like more of a personal journey than a career almost.


It’s integrated fully through many many facets of many, many stories.


Okay. So, what is the actual process of theta healing?


Theta healing is a technique used to clear your spirit or subconscious mind from energies that keep you stuck in patterns, or from getting what your soul actually wants. In the academy (Cora’s Academy) we’re training people in clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathic and psychic powers.



Are you religious, at all?


I went to Catholic school K-8th grade. I was always creating rituals and strange fortress fantasy lands with saints and the nomadic creatures.


Do you consider yourself religious now? Or spiritual?


Spiritual, yes. I can get down the God-loving religious folk, and the non-believing academics. I can float. I access spirituality through programming now.


What do you mean by programming? Or how was that experience?


I received a powerful download. You know when the full moon in Aries or something aligns with something in Jupiter and your third eye opens. Where you just receive knowledge that you know is true but you still question it. And through coding during these powerful energetic times, I received all this information of the future and I was able to close my eyes and see a dystopian meadow with beings covered in emeralds parading naked through the mist in palm tree forests being ushered in by tigers. What I mean by programming is, accessing information through extra-sensory perception and utilizing in processing through a medium to create a program or energetic structure. I love accessing through hacking and computer coding.


Does this come through the computer screen?


It comes through automatic writing. Automatic writing is where you channel information from a different space that’s been opened to you through the subconscious.



With phones and modern schedules, it can be hard to just stop and meditate.


It does take a lot of work for you to just get in that space when you’re being penetrated by the frequencies of everything—you can’t get quiet instantly. When you get into the right brainwave state, you can actually experience a different frequency, called theta brain wave.


That is very interesting. So how did that lead into music?


I went to school for design in SF. My friend was touring with Grimes and she asked if I wanted to dance on stage, I said yes and had just a ball. I soon after left SF for LA to live with then Teams, now Yves Tumor and was guided into a monsoon of upheaval which eventually set me up into an ashram meditating for at least two hours a day and not speaking much aside from when making music.


Nice, that sounds like a pretty necessary experience in the journey of a musician. So how does music relate to the theta?


When I do theta with people, I teach what it feels like to create a reality in your subconscious and then take direction from that action from to apply in real life. Through my own cultivation i’m discovering how to channel and receive images and soundscape. So, with the Medicute, I ended up wanting more inspiration for things that turned me on. The next album will be sexually evolving from a place of divination.


So what genre do you think that you fall under?


Definitely hardcore.

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