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Happy Hardeman 2K18

How does the history of your chosen medium (denim) inform your aesthetic vision? 


Focusing mainly on denim, Hardeman conceives of denim as the ultimate example of social conformism. Denim pants have evolved from workmen's attire to a symbol of freedom, to an everyday wardrobe staple for the masses. However, with our collections, Hardeman tries to break free from these kinds of conventions. 



Describe your capsule collection in two words. 


Whale tails and rat tails.


If you were a car, what type of car would you be and why? 


BlaBlaCar because it's cheap and you meet lots of kind folk! 


What was the thought process behind your choice of location for "Happy Hardeman 2K18"? What (if any) is the relationship between aesthetic and community? 


The Hardeman capsule was born from a desire to make pieces that are directly connected to our community. We sell our collections worldwide, but because of price or limited availability, these collections have less pieces that we could sell to our friends. We decided to make a collection to honor our direct community. Inspired by Dutch subcultures, the capsule takes Hardeman back to our teen years - discovering the underground music scene of 'Happy Hardcore'. 


What is the weirdest thing you've seen in someone else's home?


I used to live with a taxidermist...our house was filled with creepy versions of real life animals. The crown jewel of his creations was a self-made species that combined a squirrel, cat and duck.


In many ways, Hardeman is about challenging and transcending conventions prevalent not only in the realm of fashion, but on a larger cultural scope. Would you agree?


Instead of personifying the ideal ‘ Hardeman’, the label wants to open doors to a more inclusive social environment that celebrates the individual. Our pieces embrace round hips, spaghetti legs, and wiggly arms. With size ranging from XXS-XXL, Hardeman is no way gender specific, and it leaves the choice of what to wear and how to wear it up to the wearer alone. Hardeman celebrates the individuals as they come and as they are. 


How is Hardeman's overarching brand philosophy manifested within this editorial? 


Underpinned with our brand’s love of denim, this capsule collection is bold, playful and graphic. Models were casted at a rave after we took over a warehouse while having fun in their HARDEMAN.

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