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Hot Girl Summer

“With everyone currently entrenched in daunting political times, I decided to delve into a body of work that would be amusing and could give the viewer a break from life. These fantasy collages are composed with art historical/pop culture references and memes/imagery found on Instagram and TikTok laced together with my own unique creations. The viewer is encouraged to explore these works and discover details that invoke (or trigger) happiness and nostalgia, hope for a fun future (maybe a future as soon as later tonight) or even rage, if that is what you enjoy,” said Hayes about the conceptual side of her work.



The collage-like visuals, and charming portrayals of characters we are all too familiar with form Hayes’ aesthetic. Her pop imagery artwork encompasses a light, yet satirical energy which flows from her own spirit. The chaotic flow of her finished pieces allow the viewer to see the true inner workings of Haye’s mind. Each piece becomes its own navigation system.


These works will be on display until August 13th.

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