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Aweng Chuol

office people

What is your ideal office?

My ideal office, one day, would have to be the presidential office.


What are your earliest memories of home?

My earliest memories of home would have to be when I was five years old, and I discovered that my father was in the army. It was about nine in the morning, and there was a lot of commotion near our front gate. Curious little me went and saw that my father had on a full set of our navy clothing, and he had an entire box of gifts right underneath his foot. I realized that home was where all the across-the-world gifts were brought to, it was where the memories from the outside world were framed everywhere.


What disgusts you?

People that feel entitled to my very existence. I also get disgusted by people that tend to be xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, transphobic, and just a whole lot of things. If I was to list all the things that disgust me, we would be here for an entire year.


Who has been your greatest mentor?

My father—my father was a man of philosophy. He was the type of human that knew he made some unforgivable mistakes, he knew that he was damaged, he knew that it was okay for a man to scream, cry and go into a total downward spiral, and because he knew that, I stepped into a world where I saw men as humans and not these indestructible beings that will never shed a tear. My dad was a bittersweet man, he had a bittersweet life, and he taught me a lot.


What is your spirit vegetable?

I am definitely a lettuce. I feel like in another vegetable life, I am a lettuce, and a lettuce is me. The reason that I say a lettuce is because lettuce tend to come in different colors and textures. My entire existence is different colors and textures.


What track will you always dance to?

“Billie Jean” by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. A song that is so timeless, it’s almost a pity that no one can outdo it.


When is the last time you laughed uncontrollably?

Yesterday. I have a habit of making myself laugh, I feel like if I wasn’t in the modeling industry, I could be an amazing comedian.


You once worked at McDonald’s in Sydney—what is your fondest memory of that job?

My fondest memory from the McDonald’s that I worked in was when I first got hired there. I was so petrified that I wouldn’t get the job, my fourteen-year-old self went and got an entire box of vegan ice cream, just in case I needed to cry after. The interview went smoothly, the interviewer sensed that I was in fact panicking, not sure if the amount of tapping had given my actual emotions away. But nonetheless, within thirty minutes I was employed by McDonald’s, and I was so proud of myself. It was my first “grown teen” job, I was so excited to grow up, and looking back I am so proud of little me.


Who was the first model you idolized?

My first model icon would have to be Debra Shaw, her walk was so effortless. She wasn’t someone that I could just open an Australian tabloid and see, or go to Google and search “model” and her name would pop up—she was one of those top models that kept their private life private. And I loved that about her, I loved that we had to dig to keep up with her. She’s also such an amazing human. I have yet to meet her, but I can tell that she’s amazing.


Can you tell us what your scars represent to you?

Most of my scars are actually from my childhood, where I would climb trees, chase after chickens—or at times be chased by chickens. Some of them are from when I was an infant and my body had completely failed on me, and I had to get rejuvenated by burning metal.

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