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Camilla Lowther


What is your ideal office?


I am pleased to say that I have two, one in London near my

home and one in NYC, full of wonderful people who make

it all possible.


Is London your city?


Of course it’s my home, but I love Cumbria where I grew up

and Lamu where I go—but they are not cities. I love going to

LA because my oldest Adwoa lives there, and NYC because

my youngest Kesewa lives there.


What has made a remarkable impression on you?


Having my girls and marriage.


How would you like to be remembered?


I would just love to be remembered.


What is your most treasured belonging?


I would like to say my husband and the girls, but they are not

my belongings, so my home, because that is where Charles is

and all my treasured memories of family.


What is a career highlight that sticks out to you?


There have been so many and I hope so many yet to come,

but the Gap ad I did in the ‘80s was my personal fifteen

minutes, especially chasing it round Trafalgar Square when it

was on a bus, and then it was ten buses all together—genius.


If you weren’t an agent, what would you be?


A beautician.


When have you made the wrong decision?


Often, but I try very hard not to make it twice.


What grosses you out?


Throwing up and spitting.


Who would you come back as in your next life?


A skylark or an oyster catcher.


Who has had an impact on you as of late?


The young skateboarders that I met in LA at the Palace

Skateboards party. Adam Lowe and his team at Factum Arte.


What is one piece of advice you would go back and

give yourself?


Tell your parents that you love them very much, keep your

photo albums up to date, don’t be shy as no one is looking

at you, don’t be angry, don’t throw away all your clothes

from the ‘80s, and buy that hotel in Miami Beach when it was

offered to you in the ‘80s.


How do you maintain hunger and passion for what

you do?


Because I love it.


What is something you’re looking to achieve in the



Continued good health and becoming a grandparent. Fingers

crossed and God willing.

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