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Chloe Wise


What is your ideal office?


If I could get a tanning bed in my studio it would be perfect.


Is New York your city?


No no, we can share it.


What is your most treasured belonging?


My small but consistently increasing art collection.


What is your greatest achievement?


This interview.


How would you like to be remembered?




What is one career highlight that sticks out to you?


My first time in cinema.


What is your favorite tradition?


Tradition is bogus.


Where do you go for inspiration?


Walgreens. Florida. The beach. My parents’ room. Red Lobster.

Sweden. The bootleg Versace outlet in Geneva. The Versace

mansion in Miami. The botanical garden. Barry’s Bootcamp.

Pumps strip club. The Cheesecake Factory. Synagogue.


What would you do if social media ceased to



The same thing I do in a world with functioning social media.

Make art—duh.


Words to live by?


Life’s a lobster: delicious, confusing and disgusting to

navigate, and undeservingly expensive. I just made that

up. Life’s a water slide: really, really, really fun. Life is

rough, but not rough enough. ;)


Is there anything about you that cannot be discerned

from your Instagram?


Yeah, like every single thing because Instagram doesn’t

represent anything legitimate or profound about a person, bro.


What do you see yourself doing in your next life?


Are you assuming I believe in reincarnation? This just got

religious and I wasn’t prepared for that. Can I get my lawyer

in here?


What is your guilty pleasure?


Cheesecake. Late at night. Cheesecake.


Has there ever been a time when you felt the

pressure of competition?


No. ;)


What is your favorite sensation?


Getting compliments from your dad.


What’s the most recent prank you pulled?


My best friends and I recently dressed in disguises and went

for a beautiful locavore meal at a fancy restaurant in Brooklyn.

We were all in character. I wore a short red wig, beret, thick

glasses and a wrist brace and committed to speaking like an

Upper West Side Jewish aunt type. It was very amusing. Then

I burned my finger on a very hot but delicious cinnamon roll

skillet dessert and totally broke character while wailing for

ice and Neosporin.


How did you get to where you are?



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