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Virgil Abloh


What is your ideal office?


Anywhere that my iPhone is above 8%.


When do you feel most whole?


When my iPhone is at 100%. Honestly. But even more

honestly, when the creative concepts come quick.


You’re constantly traveling—what represents

“home” to you?


Home is my literal home, but I would say peace represents



What object built by human hands gives you the

greatest vibes at the moment?


Greatest vibes, love that phrase. An awesome answer would

be my iPhone. Steve Jobs would be psyched, and I run my life

through this device. I’m answering these questions on it now,

ha! But more broadly, I love designed “things” or anything

made with a POV. Any art I own gives me tons of “vibes” at

the moment.


As a DJ, what’s a favorite floor-filler these days?


Kanye West’s album “The Life of Pablo” is like a DJ cheat sheet.

It works everywhere, every time.


What outfit would you like to be buried in?


The outfit I wear pretty much every day. Black jeans, black tee.


When’s the last time you were starstruck?


Peter Saville outside the Mercer last week.


What city has inspired you with its style?


Paris, always Paris.


What’s the magic word?




What is your guiltiest pleasure?


My iPhone.


Suppose time, money, and the limits of reality are

not a factor—what’s the dream collab?




How would you describe beauty?


Anything upon sight or in theory that uplifts.


Where did you eat your last great meal, and with



Last night in Milan. Some spot on Porta Genova with Heron

Preston, Giorgio Di Salvo, Brigitte Chartrand and friends.

Veal and risotto. Was insane.

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