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Flynn McGarry


What is your ideal office?


A very large table, and my laptop.


What is the most powerful tool?


A spoon.


What would be your dream dinner date?


Great NY Noodletown, at like, two in the morning, with Glenn O’Brien. My godmother gave me a book that he had given to her and signed, “You just dropped a bomb on me.” I was just like, that’s the coolest way to sign a book to someone.


Do you do drink? Do drugs?


Yes—and no. I guess I’m trying to fight those culinary industry stereotypes.


What is your brand of salt?


What’s my kosher salt? Its the red box. That or Maldon, I carry around the little travel thing of it.


If your palate were a playlist, what would be the opening and closing tracks?



Opening song: Wanna Get to Know You by G-Unit. And at the end I don’t know exactly what it would be, but something screamo, with screeching.



Do you identify as Gen-Z? Do you relate to your generation?



No. But am I Gen Z? 1998, so I think I’m still a Millennial. I’m on the cusp. Though, I do relate to the Millenial idea that you are able to do whatever you want, and don’t have to conform.


When was the first time you felt an emotional reaction to food?



When I was working at Eleven Madison Park and I’d never eaten truffles, they made me a seven course truffle tasting menu. It was an aggressive amount of truffles, but it was a great gesture that they gave me thousands of dollars of something because I’d never tried it.


If Justin Bieber sat down in your restaurant, what would you feed him?


I would serve him pasta with butter, because I feel like that’s all he really eats. As for pasta shape, I feel like he’d want wagon wheels.


If you were an ingredient what would you be?



Celery root.



What was the last thing that made you cry?



For some reason, I was watching the Jackie O movie with Natalie Portman, and I cried when JFK died.



If you found the fountain youth would you stay your age forever?



No, I’d go with 42.



Where might we find you on a Friday night?



Working in the restaurant, unfortunately.



Is there a person younger than yourself that you look up to?



No…and I was really trying to think if there was someone! Even like, as a funny answer. But I can’t think of anyone.



Where do you go to eat in New York?



I go to Spicy Village, Uncle Boons Sister, Uncle Boons, Four Horsemen, Wildair.



What’s your guilty pleasure?



Oreo McFlurries.



Is “Eureka!” your “Bam!”?



Well “Eureka!” is done now! But I don’t think it was, or is. I wish I had a “Bam!” It’s more like a deep sigh is my “Bam!”


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