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John Yuyi


What is your ideal office?



Big, tall, good lighting, rent is not high, location convenient, big entrance, elevator! I really want a place like this.



What bodily function do you find the most beautiful?



Emotion—feel love, feel sad.



Do you have any phobias?



Yes! Trypophobias, but I will force myself to watch even if I already feel itchy all over the body.



What was the last time you laughed until you cried?



Oh, no. I can’t remember, but I remember the last time I made my best friend laugh until she cried was talking to her on the phone. Because I am funny. :-D



What is the most important item in your bathroom?






What is the first thing you notice about another person?



Mole? Or eye ball?



Will robots be the end of us, or make our existence better?



Um...I’d love to see what we created end ourselves. It’s romantic and ironic. And kind of reasonable.



Do you feel comfortable in your own skin?



Never—it’s not filled with acne, but I know my skin is not shining and pores are big. But recently I heard two makeup artists saying my skin is good. I really felt like, “What?




Maybe they were being friendly and sweet!



What is one thing that inspires you about the internet?


You need a real hug, and you can’t get real hug or real touch from that. Okay maybe tinder can. I’m sorry. I’ve been thinking about the relationship with internet a lot. I think it inspired me that you can be born anywhere, you can be anywhere, and you can still make people see you. You can still connect with who you admire and also who admires you!


What is the future of fashion?



Wow, so difficult! Um… The youth power and down-toearth internet power.



What are your most prized possessions, both physical and digital?



My physical portfolio with all the temporary tattoo projects I did, and the sticker I saved after shooting! My Google Drive, and Instagram and Facebook accounts.



How would you define yourself?



A lazy person but with a mind that feels guilty when I’m not working. A loser that is trying so hard. A messy person that organizes, plans and analyzes my future so carefully. A girl that wants to be a housewife but wants to be unique as fuck. A timid girl, but brave. A depression person with high quality humor.



If you could only see the world in two, colors, which would you choose?



Violet and light orange, like Vanilla Sky.

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