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India Salvor Menuez


What is your ideal office?


A cozy little nook, music blasting loud with lots of plants and sunshine. Peony Z by my side and the ghost of Lucky the butterfly flying free...


What is an object that has made a remarkable impression on you?


The pen. Being a little kid and feeling able to make anything I could imagine appear on paper felt wildly empowering.


What was the last profound experience you shared?


Perhaps shooting our first collaborative video work with my friend Claire Christerson last week.


How do you live an uncommon life?


I wouldn’t say I’ve invented anything in terms of being a young artist in NY and the world today...but I am proud to be as free as I am in how I navigate my life and career, because I work very hard to be my own boss.


What is your greatest mistake thus far?


I don’t think of my “bad choices” as mistakes, but lessons, so I value them no matter what mess they make.


What is your favorite time of day?


Early morning.


What is the most interesting thing in your trash can?


A great big pile of flowers I took from a fashion show but have now died.


What is life’s greatest sport?


Cooking and eating.


You find yourself in a white room with no doors or windows—what’s the first thing you do?


I eat one half of the mushroom, I’m not sure which half it is but either way will be fine.


Where do you go to be alone?


Into my studio or for a bike ride.


How would you choose to describe God?


Woof woof, I’d rather not…meow.


What is your favorite sound generated by the human body?


How can I pick a favorite? Hands gently whispering across a face, a backward whistle from a mouth filled with water, a scream.


When do you feel to be in your truest form?


In dreams.


What grosses you out?




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