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What is your ideal office?


Right now my office is in a room in my house, but as my team expands it’s becoming a little hectic. I hate the idea of traveling to an office, but would love it to leave my house... to the house next door. An office right beside my home is the dream office. But in many ways, a nightclub is my office!


What grosses you out?


Donald Trump and seafood. Especially shrimp, and that wasn’t even a Donald Trump reference.


Who would you come back as in your next life?


Dolly Parton, cause who wouldn’t want to be Dolly Parton?!


Practicality notwithstanding, where would you host the party to end all parties?


In the middle of Niagara Falls, preferably on one of the boats—I mean right in front of the falls somehow. I grew up in Toronto so used to visit when I was a little girl, and I still think it’s so magical. They have these amazing light shows at night, and the DJ beats would be mixed with the backdrop sound of the rushing falls. You said practicality notwithstanding!


Who have you been most surprised to see at one of your parties?


There are a lot of celebrities who have been to my parties, but much like Vegas, what happens at a Ladyfag party stays at a Ladyfag party... I will say, though, one of the oddest people to see at my parties was David Chang, the founder of Momofuku. From ramen to raves!


What is the most Canadian thing about you?


I sometimes think growing up Canadian is like being in a Joni Mitchell song, so...


When’s the last time you were in trouble?


My name is Ladyfag, by my very existence I’m always in trouble with someone!


How would you characterize your aesthetic?


“Life is a cabaret ole chum!” I tend to dress as though life is a stage. From Cabaret, to Beetlejuice, to Bladerunner, to Frida Kahlo...the expression ‘casual dress’ gives me nightmares.


What gets you high?


I feel high when my parties reach their high point. There are these moments where you can literally feel the energy of the whole room, from the people to the music, all coming together. It sounds cheesy, but you can actually feel it, and everyone recognizes it even though it can’t always be explained. It gets me high—figuratively of course! ;)


Where do you want to be buried?


In a nightclub. I've spent half my life and my most happiest moments in a nightclub. People use the expression ‘dancing on her grave’ like it’s a bad thing, but not in my case!


What’s the password?


There is no guestlist tonight!

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