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Alexander Wang


What is your ideal office?


Anywhere surrounded by people I can collaborate with.


What makes you dance?


When it’s loud and dark, and hip hop is playing. A fog machine helps too.


What idea has made a remarkable impression on you?


The internet in general, and subsequently social media, have created an accessibility and an immediacy that have fundamentally changed people’s way of life. Old boundaries are breaking down, and it feels like the beginning of a process that will continue to change the world in general and fashion in particular.


What are you wearing?


Something black.


Where do you feel at home?


New York.


What was the last thing that broke your heart?




When have you felt most proud?


When we celebrated our ten-year anniversary last year and so much of my family and friends were there to support me.


Any sage advice for your younger self?



I should’ve trademarked the phrase “model off duty.” I could’ve retired already based on the royalties.


Who would you want to get trapped in a horror movie with?




How is fashion funny?


You can’t take this business too seriously. I like to keep a tight group of friends who keep me (humorously) in check.


If you weren’t a designer what would you be?


Don’t know. I am who I am.


You wake up in jail—how’d you end up here?


Too many reasons to list.

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