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Måns Ericson


What is your ideal office?

To me, my office is ideal. There aren’t too many people working here, but I can work with creative people who also work with the products I’m interested in. You want to make friends in the office and have a good time there.


What is an object that has made a remarkable impression on you?

I don’t know about an object, but the fact that I dropped out of high school. I forced myself to take another path. Otherwise I would’ve been in school getting shitty grades studying something that I didn’t even want to do. I had to start work immediately, so I had to figure shit out in a different way. So that was a life-changing event.


What was the last profound experience you shared?


My friend Victor, every time I hang out with him anything can happen. But I can’t go into that…[Laughs] Oh I know, one of my best friends and his girlfriend were here, and we had an amazing pre-party on Saturday. We took this fisheye lens that I bought and took a bunch of ridiculous rap pictures. We had so much fun just trying to be ghetto and everything. So that was good, it made me happy.


How do you live an uncommon life?


I live for the day, that’s always been my thing. I’m very good at not caring about things too much, not getting overwhelmed. If something is difficult or emotional, I don’t get preoccupied with it. I’m very carefree. It’s important that I’m always doing something fun, so if my day job isn’t super epic at the time I make sure I DJ more, or travel more, or party more. So every day is open for anything. Apart from the time I have to spend in the office, whatever happens happens.


What is your greatest mistake thus far?


I guess I kind of regret that I didn’t move to another country sooner.


What have you learned from the old school?

My parents formed me quite a bit. I learned to be humble. My parents are super left wing, so I give everyone an equal chance, I’m not going to judge someone before I know them, or if they did something fucked up. Some people are obviously annoying, so we have to figure that one out, but I still give everyone a chance. In terms of DJing, which is definitely my biggest hobby and what I enjoy the most, I look up to the old school monsters, learning how to mix, trying to be inspired by them without copying them.


How do you make people dance?

That’s the tricky part. I’m starting to DJ with USB sticks lately, which gives me the opportunity to bring way more music. You have to know what kind of party it is, whether people are coming to hear harder music, or maybe they want jams cause it’s a rooftop, so you figure that out first. Then you look for reactions when you play a song, if you can see they’re starting to vibe you can build something around that. You have to read the crowd.


Why do fashion and music get along?

I guess the people who are interested in music and fashion are always seeking new things. There are trends to follow in both music and fashion as well, but I try to take myself out of the trends, and there’s always more to explore. There are always opportunities to go deeper.


How does your heritage affect your work?

I’ve been working with Adidas over twelve years, and I had to learn everything myself, so the longer I work here the more competent I get. I started from the bottom with no education, I was like “OK what is public relations? Oh, it should be called personal relations, because that’s what it is.” You learn things that make you better. The same thing goes for music, the more experience you get the better you get. But you also look at people who are monsters and you have to take inspiration and steal certain elements from those guys. With Adidas, I’m passionate about the brand, which is why I’m still here. But it comes down to hard work.

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